Youth and wbc

Junior and Senior High Youth Sunday School classes meet every Sunday at 10:55 AM for their own fellowship and food before going to their own Sunday School classes.

Wednesday nights youth groups begin at 5:30 PM  and end at 6:45 PM.   Bible study groups are available for middle school and high school youth.

Throughout the year both junior and senior high youth are involved in many regional youth events such as Youth Leader Corps, youth conventions, church camp, ski weekend, etc.  The youth groups also plan numerous activities like golfing, camping, tubing, Boundary Waters trips, Christmas caroling, and whatever else they can think of!

Mission Trips are an exciting opportunity for youth to serve in the community and world at large.  We try to make sure that all interested youth have the opportunity to serve on a mission trip sometime during their high school years.  We do extensive fundraising to make sure it is affordable, and also assist youth in raising their individual portion.  Some raise all the money through church fundraising.

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