Adult Education Classes are available during the Second Hour (11–12 pm) on Sunday mornings, Sept 17–May 19, 2024.

THE CHOSEN – SEASON 3 (Sept 17–May 19, 2024): Join our group as we watch and apply Jesus’ teachings as shown in ‘The Chosen’ video series.  We will alternate weeks of watching and discussing each episode using the “Blessed Are the Chosen” guidebook that will apply what we learn to our lives. Facilitator: Debra Indahl          

LIVING IN THE FULLNESS OF PSALM 23 (Sept 17–Dec 3): Perhaps you memorized Psalm 23 as a child and have seen pictures of Jesus portrayed as the “Good Shepherd,” but you may have little understanding or appreciation of the role of the Middle Eastern shepherd or the life of his sheep. In our class, we will learn about both, and then spend time with Psalm 23, experiencing its richness in a new way.  Background material will come from Phillip Keller’s book, A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23. Our personal resource will be Dallas Willard’s book, Life Without Lack. As we study together, we will discover how blessed we are to be the sheep of Jesus’ pasture. “I nothing lack if I am His and He is mine forever.” Facilitator: Carol Windham                                        

GROWING DEEPER THROUGH PRAYER (Sept 17–Oct 29): In this class, we want to grow in our relationship with the Lord by better understanding the importance and power of prayer and how it can change us. To that end, we will study examples of prayers in the Bible; through them, we will learn how others have approached God and how we, too, can approach him. Facilitator: Crystal Rogers

BIBLE STUDY—RUTH (Nov 5–Dec 10):  As we anticipate and prepare for the celebration of the coming of the Son of David, we will study this short book in the Old Testament. In this story surrounding King David’s great grandparents, we will see how God faithfully brought salvation and restoration to his covenant people as a few of them performed acts of covenantal faithfulness.  Facilitator: Simon Yeh


BIBLE STUDY—HAGGAI (Jan 7–Feb 18):  This is a seven-week-long intensive on the book of Haggai. In this study, participants will not only see and understand the messages in the book of Haggai but also be able to learn several Bible-study tools and skills. Fine print: This class requires participants to invest 15–20 minutes on five of the days each week to complete assignments.  Facilitator: Simon Yeh

THE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE OF SILENCE AND SOLITUDE (Feb–Mar; exact dates TBD): God uses silence and solitude to speak to us, restore us and guide us. Jesus himself regularly practiced this discipline. This class will introduce you to the spiritual practice of silence and solitude, a much needed discipline in our noisy world. Our hope is that through this class, you will be able to appreciate this gift, see its role in your prayer life and learn how to practice it in your daily lives. As Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Facilitator: Marsha Kurka

CHRISTIAN CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT (Apr–May; exact dates TBD): In this class, we will provide time and space for Christians to talk about, understand, and process contemporary social issues. This class is very much in the works. Suggestions are always welcome.  Facilitator: Steve Rogers

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: 6:00–7:00 pm, Sept 20–May 22, 2024.

ADULT WEDNESDAY NIGHT GATHERING: Join us weekly for music worship, teaching, prayer, and fellowship. 

Additional spiritual growth and fellowship opportunities include:

Women’s Literature Group meets once per month, either on a Thursday evening at 6:15 pm or on a Saturday morning at 10:00 am, sometimes in people’s homes and sometimes at church. Call or email the church office for times and locations.

Women’s Breakfast meets once per month on a Saturday morning, typically at 9:30. Call or email the church office for times and locations.

Prayer Shawl Group meets once per month on a Saturday morning, 10–12 pm. See the Church Calendar for details.

Young Family Gatherings meet once per month for a potluck on a Sunday afternoon, 4–6 pm. The families rotate to host the gatherings. Call or email the church office for times and locations.

Vintage People is a ministry of fellowship, spiritual growth, education, and outreach, by and for retirees.  They socialize roughly once a month, visiting museums, shows, hosting dinners, volunteering, and a variety of other activities. Call or email the church for more details.

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