Adult Education Hour on Sunday mornings from 10:55 – Noon.

Sunday Fall Programming:

¨ THE CHOSEN – SEASON 2:  Come and discover what it means when Jesus chooses you.  Join our group as we watch and apply Jesus’ teachings as shown in ‘The Chosen’ video series.  We will alternate weeks of watching and discussing each episode using the “Blessed Are the Chosen” guidebook that will apply what we learn to our lives.                                                  

¨ WORSHIPING THROUGH THE PSALMS:  Come and grow through sacred songs and Scripture.  This class will spend time in the Book of Psalms, asking questions like:   What is this Psalm saying to me?  Are there any phrases that catch my eye?  How can I apply this to my life?  We will end the class time worshiping with songs that were born out of the passages for the week.  We will be using our Bibles, no workbook needed. 

¨ ALIVE IN CHRIST:  Come and grow as Christ’s people for His community. The purpose of this group is to deepen our discipleship and fellowship by cultivating hearts and minds that are led by Jesus.  We will read two books during the year, The Good and Beautiful You and The Good and Beautiful Community by James Bryant Smith.  Using these books and other materials, discussions and at-home exercises, we seek to have the Holy Spirit change our character and enrich our community.

Wednesday Nights:

RED SEA RULES CLASS‘Moving from fear to faith.’  When life  challenges us how do we respond?  The story of the Israelites (Exodus 14) offers guidance for moving from fear-based living to faith-based living that is grounded in Christ.  Join us for an hour of teaching, discussion and prayer on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm.  

BIBLE STUDY – Book of Acts: ‘Spread the Word! Build the Church!’  The Book of Acts tells the amazing story of the start of the church.  The Good News of Jesus spread out from Jerusalem through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We’ll learn about the triumphs and challenges of taking the Gospel into the world as we travel with Paul, Peter and others.  Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm.

Additional spiritual growth and fellowship opportunities include:

Women’s Literature Group meets once per month, either on a Thursday evening at 6:15 PM or on a Saturday morning at 10:00 AM, sometimes in people’s homes and sometimes at church.  Call the church office for times and locations.

Vintage People is a ministry of fellowship, spiritual growth, education, and outreach, by and for retirees.  They socialize roughly once a month visiting museums, shows, hosting dinners, volunteering, and a variety of other activities.

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